We believe in diversity and exploration of technology. Hence, Abu Asaad Al Amri has two brands, 'Bends & Bends' and 'Alpha Graphics'. While Bends & Bends caters for mainly pipe-bending and engineering services, Alpha Graphics specializes in web design, graphic design and signage. Our projects are best served with the combination of their services, while individual services are also provided.

Bends & Bends services

  • Cold pipe bending from 5D to 60D radius
  • Pipe and structural steel fabrication
  • Fully equipped machine shop and steel fabrication unit
  • General engineering projects
  • Hire of engineering equipment

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Alpha Graphics services

  • Road and safety signage
  • Etching and engraving (indoor signage)
  • Signboards and banners
  • Website design and development
  • Other graphic designing

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Bends & Bends has been providing an essential service to a diverse range of manufacturers and and engineers since 1980. Our prime focus is the oil and gas, petroleum and construction industry. With over 30 years of metal fabrication, welding, and pipe bending experience, we are the leader and pioneer of these services in the Sultanate. Our happy client list includes all the main players in the industry. Our services are well known for their accuracy, durability and on-time delivery. We are approved by P.D.O.

Cold pipe bending from 5D to 60D radius

We provide cold pipe bending services to the engineering and manufacturing industry. We can bend CS, MS, SS, DSS and other pipes from a radius of 5D to 60D. Accredited by P.D.O., Abu Asaad Al Amri is the pioneer in starting these services locally for the oil and gas industry.

Pipe and structural steel fabrication

We provide prompt and efficient maintenance and fabrication services for pipes and spool lines throughout the Sultanate using modern equipment to achieve accurate and effective results. We have our own team of trained professional technicians who have undertaken safety training and induction courses and regularly attend training sessions.

Fully equipped machine shop
and steel fabrication unit

We provide sheering, slotting and bending services for steel sheets upto 25mm thickness. We also have T.I.G. welding and bespoke services for steel fabrication and machining. Our staff is highly experienced, thus our services are durable and long-lasting.

General engineering projects

We love challenges, so we always welcome engineering related projects. We a have highly qualified team of specialized team of electrical, civil and mechanical engineers for these tasks. We have already done many projects for different companies in the Sultanate.

Hire of engineering equipment

We provide rental services for engineering equipments. These include bending machines, hydrolic test equipment, cold cutting tools, generators, compressors and pneumatic lifts. Our equipment is high quality and tested, used by major players in the industry.

Alpha Graphics details
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Whether you are working on an existing design or looking for something completely new, Alpha Graphics is able to design innovative websites, signage and graphics that will be exactly what your business and brand need to project. Our designers work closely together to ensure your design is not only appealing, but also functional. Without function, a design is just a design. Your sign needs to function for your business as well as you do, and the design team at Alpha Graphics is the first step to making that happen.

Road and safety signage

Our top quality highly durable outdoor signage finds it's main applications in roads and safety signs. These are manufactured using quality tested material to ensure durability and wear & tear resistance. Signage is available on a variety of materials such as reflective/illuminated stickers etc. Our services are P.D.O. approved.

Etching and engraving (indoor signage)

We take pride in producing all sorts of finest quality indoor signs such as name-plates, door-plates commemorative plaques, instrument panels and much more. We provide engraving and etching on all types of materials such as marble, brass, aluminum and stainless steel etc. This is one of the main businesses of Alpha Graphics and we have provided services to many big names in the Sultanate. Our services are P.D.O. approved.

Signboards and banners

Signboards prove to be highly effective in grabbing the client's attention from a distance and can attract customers. Alpha Graphics can design very effective and visually great looking sign boards for you. We specialize in flex-faced signboards with vinyl lettering and digital printing, as well as 3D boxed-up signage. We also design and print large-scale billboards, banners and rollups which are essential marketing tools.

Web design and development

In today's e-world, a well designed website is one of the greatest assets of your company. We make sure that your website is clear, simple and result driven. To achieve this, we try to blend style, functionality and price in the best possible manner for you. We only build static websites for personal, small and medium sized businesses.

Other graphic designing

We also provide other graphic design services such as brand-identity (logo) and brochure design. Our logos are elegant and classy which express the very You and Your Business. Our professional designers are updated with the latest of style and trends in logo design. We also specialize in design and production of high quality brochures for your company. Remember, the creation of such delicate and important marketing tools for your business must be left in the hands of professional designers!

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